Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Essential Condiments

1. Soy Sauce
Add a few drops to brothy soups or steamed vegetables. Stir into mayonnaise for sandwiches.


2. Tomato Paste

Squeeze into sauteed onions and cook for 30 seconds before adding other ingredients to a stew.


3. Grainy Mustard

Whisk into oil and vinegar to make a salad dressing, or mix with stock and cream for a luscious sauce.


4. Harissa

Rub this fiery Tunisian chile paste on meat before roasting, spread on grilled cheese, or stir into seafood stews.


5. Anchovy Paste

Add to salad dressing, marinara sauce, or ragus. Or use in place of Asian fish sauce in Thai curries.

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  1. is my favorite secret ingredient! I need to try harissa~

  2. wah....yummm....with these, food taste much much better

  3. A really nice collection. I love harissa so much.

  4. Soy sauce is definitely one of my favorite condiments!

  5. Soy sauce has to be one of my favorite condiments!

  6. Interesting out of all of those only Harissa is the one I havent tried yet, How does it taste?

  7. Delicious! I particularly like soy, tomato paste and mustard!

  8. i love using soy sauce in my fried rice n noodles. Its always stocked in my pantry

  9. Seems like soy is on top of the list looking at all the comments from all of you. The one I go for is not on this list, its chillies and chilly paste.

  10. I can't live without soy sauce :)

  11. Grainy mustard FOR SURE! I put mustard on all kinds of stuff. Not sure I'm with you on the anchovie paste though :)


  12. Soy sauce is must in my kitchen..Can't do without it..


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