Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pandan (Screw-pine) Rice Pudding

I grow my own pandan/screw-pine leaves, so there's ample to be used for any kind of recipes. Cooked white rice is never thrown away, I deep freeze and either serve again or think of ways of using it for cooking. Since both were available, the outcome was this rice pudding.  All ingredients are estimates and can be adjusted according to ones preference or liking.

1 cup cooked white rice
10 pandan leaves (blend or process with 1/4 cup to extract juice)
Green coloring (optional)
Thick coconut milk - as needed
Gula melaka/palm sugar - as needed. Boil palm sugar with water for a thick syrup
A pinch of salt

Cook rice with enough water to get a thick paste but with some grains still in it.
Add pandan juice, coloring and salt to taste.
Remove and press into a mould or tray.
Let it cool down first before placing in the fridge to be set.
Bring out and cut into slices.
Drizzle with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup to be served.
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  1. I have heard of Pandan but have yet to taste-I will need to scout around to see if I can find these leaves. This looks like a tasty dessert and definitely a change of pace. Yum!

  2. thanks Tina, its my own creation.

  3. Oh, you lucky girl! I wish I had my own pandan :) Great looking pudding! Buzzzzz

  4. That looks lovely. I've never heard of Pandan, but looked it up...I like that it is a molded rice pudding!

  5. colourful dessert aromatic pudding

  6. I don't like to waste food and always thinking of ways of now to convert into new recipes.


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