Friday, July 29, 2011

Paddington House of Pancakes (The Curve, Mutiara Damansara)

I've not been to Paddingtons for such a long time and since I was at the Curve for some reason, I decided to pay them a visit. The menu has somewhat changed, cosmetically but the items are more or less the same. After looking through for a good 10 mins, a friend and I made our orders.

The Grill Salmon (RM19.50) really looked appetising in the menu but when it arrived we were greatly disappointed as the salmon was so tiny. It also didn't look overly fresh, I guessed it must have been sitting in the freezer for some time. The flesh wasn't firm and it was rather overcooked. Thankfully, the lemon provided enough juice to mask the staleness a bit.
We also ordered an Egg Burger (RM9) to share but don't be surprised if it doesn't look like a conventional burger. The “burger” components comes separately on the plate and apart from the savoury flavours from the cheesy eggs, the entire dish was quite bland.
Last but not least, we had the Mozza and BBQ savoury pancake RM15.50). It has a thin piece of pancake topped with sausages, bits of mozzarella cheese, chicken and doused liberally with BBQ and mayo. Funnily, this was the dish that has the most flavours. Although the BBQ sauce was overpowering everything else, we were thankful to dip the other dishes with the sauce.
Considering the prices aren't exactly cheap, I was disappointed with the quality of food served. No wonder the place wasn't packed at all, despite it being a weekend. Time to buck up Paddington.

Unit 142, 1st Floor The Curve
Mutiara Damansara 47800 PJ

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  1. the last time i visit paddington was in penang.. think that was the first and last time, at the moment :)

  2. K have heard so much about this place but never been there yet. It's in my list of place to makan LOL


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