Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FACE FACTORS Clinic - Solaris Dutamas

Every woman deserves to be pampered especially those like me who multi task. I have enough on my plate day in day out. My other half is also aware - how it is with balancing work and family life. He agrees that against all odds, I must not neglect my well being. Therefore, every now and then I pamper myself with a spa or traditional massage. So far I have been to a few. But those were not journaled. That time, didn't exist.

The invitation for a spa review at Face Factors came when I was feeling extremely tired, mentally and physically due to massive stress for working non stop. So I didn't want to drive to the clinic. Instead I took a cab to an area I have never ever been to. Wasn't a good idea for the cab driver took me all the over the place.  Any way, after much confusion, somehow or rather I arrived at the relaxing and super clean clinic.

After exchanging greetings with the pleasant therapist, I was ushered to the treatment room and told to change into the disposable undergarments. From thereon, not possible to take pictures neither to jot down the procedures for the lymphatic drainage therapy package. Nonetheless, the therapist obliged . She tried her level best to take a couple of shots. While she explained each step to the treatment, I completely surrendered for the harmony of body, mind and soul. Thereafter the treatment, I sat with her for another brief.
Everything started in a nice way. First, the therapist washed and wiped my body with warm water. Then she gently applied the "Slenderizing Anti-Cellulite Oil", followed by Himalaya Dead Sea Salt for scrubbing, softening and de-toxin. Next my body was tightly wrapped. For the next half an hour, I relaxed and almost slept off until she returned again to scrub and wipe my body.

Aroma massage concluded the treatment. Excellent though intense. At certain points, too much of pressure. Still I loved how it eased my stress and awakened my senses. One last wipe to remove the oil and I got dressed.

I drank a glass of plain water - essentially a must to flush off more toxin. I left after thanking the staff for the great service.
D3-G4-2, No 1, Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas, Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  03-62053508

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  1. such a affordable price.. i wlasy get lost in solaris dutamas.. =.=

  2. I felt great after the treatment, did wonders for my stress.


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