Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The new 'miracle' wrinkle cream that has sparked an 8,000-strong waiting list at Boots

The only way is Nip+Fab: TOWIE's Amy Childs is a fan of Frown Fix, joining a list of Nip+Fab enthusiasts including Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston

Deborah Arthurs writes: Amid the snake oil and hype of the beauty industry, it's rare that a product reaching the market is believed to actually work. So when one does come along, most women would sell their grannies to get their hands on a pot. Such is the hype surrounding the latest product, the aptly named Nip+Fab Frown Fix, that hordes of women queued outside Boots to buy the cream when it went on sale last week. Tubes of the £10.25 Instant Line Filler sold out within 24 hours of launching in the UK, and Boots said it had received more than 3,000 requests for the product - which now has a waiting list of close to 8,000.

First in the queue was 25-year-old Sarah at a Boots store in central London. She said: 'I’d seen the reviews online and in the newspapers and knew it was one I had to try. It seems like everybody wants to get their hands on some.' Ben Thompson, in the queue at a Boots store in South London said 'I’ve been sent to the store to pick up this product for my wife and a couple of her friends.' A Boots spokesperson said the demand was 'astounding'. 
Miracle? The Nip+Fab Frown Fix is said to dramatically fade expression lines - and shoppers have been queueing in their thousands to get their hands on the product

'We’ve ordered more stocks but already have a growing waiting list and predict it will break sales records,' they said. The cream, which the company says is 'clinically proven' to reduce lines and wrinkles by up to 50 per cent, contains Grant X, a natural alternative to Botox. While the cream was initially designed as a wrinkle filler - to sit in expression lines and minimise their appearance like a posh Pollyfilla - users found the cream had a cumulative line-reducing effect, with fine lines and wrinkles being significantly reduced over time. The product is said to work thanks to muscle relaxing properties, collagen synthesis stimulation, and a light-diffusing action that hides and softens wrinkles. According to devotees, results are almost as good as Botox. 
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The Only Way Is Essex's salon-owner Amy Childs swears by the product, and the brand as a whole counts Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian are enthusiasts. The last time Boots stores saw queues of desperate women gathered outside was at the launch of the cosmetics giant's No.7 Protect & Perfect serum.

After BBC's Horizon found that 70 per cent of those using the product showed 'significant' improvements to their wrinkles, as judged by a dermatologist, the store was besieged by customers. Such was the demand, shoppers were restricted to one per person. The same phenomenon has been seen with the release of Nip+Fab's Instant Line Filler. A spokesperson for Nip+Fab told MailOnline that the effect was 'unexpected but welcome.' 'It's phenomenal. I've been working in the industry for ten years and you rarely see this kind of demand. We're really pleased.'

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  1. For real? Have u put yourself on the waiting list too, Nava? Hahaha! Love to get a bottle of that :)

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  3. Seems like so much of demand for these kind products now.


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