Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mango And Coconut Jelly

So, what else is new with nava-k? Pretty much nothing much. Work and back home and mining my own business. Sincerely, I've long past the stage of spending my time on other people's business, I've given up on clubbing and I've narrowed down my circle of friends tremendously. So, what else is new with nava-k? Okay, a tiny bit of making desserts (pandan milk jelly), of course being a true Malaysian means Malaysian desserts with Malaysian ingredients though mangoes are thrown in from Thailand, India and where not. Still, Malaysian mangoes are the best and they are cheaper compared to coming from elsewhere. For this mango and coconut jelly, you may have to spend more time in your kitchen because of the layering between mango mixture and coconut mixture, but all worth the time. Joy to the world jelly. 

20g seaweed - soak for 1/2 hour and drain off water. 
1 (abt 500g) ripe mango - remove skin and purée/process the flesh to a thick juice
1 cup thick coconut milk
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 litre of water

Simmer water.
Add seaweed and sugar.
Stir to dissolve both.
Remove from heat, strain and divide into two portions. 
Stir mango in one portion and the other with coconut milk.
Then layer - pour a layer of the coconut mixture into a flat tray and let it set.
Over it pour the mango mixture.
Preferably thin layers so that they harden faster.
Keep layering until both the mixtures finishes off.
(Note: the layering has be done before both the mixtures harden)
Cool down and cut into pieces.
You can also chill it the fridge before serving.
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  1. gonna delight my son with this yummy jelly...thanks for sharing dear..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  2. yummy! coconut-mango, no no mango -coconut, each flavor prominent.

  3. Oh wow! How cool are those! They look so yummy

  4. It came out beautiful, Nava...and I'm sure the taste of mango blended well with the taste of coconut milk!

  5. That is really cool. I love mangoes and coconut. Never had that combination together tho.

  6. lovely comments and thanks all.

  7. I love how this jelly is striped, I remember having one of this before but it was the green colour.

  8. Dear, thanks for sharing! Would love to try and make this for my little boy.


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