Monday, May 2, 2011

Eyeliner Tips For 3 Stand-Out Looks (Part 2)

Just Wing It—A thick, defined line with a winged embellishment creates the ideal almond-shaped eye. It's what you get when you mix elegance and retro with a dash of sex kitten. M.A.C.'s Keri Blair weighs in:

The Tips: "I find that a gel-based liner is easier to control than a liquid liner. However, liquid liner will often look a bit more dramatic (with liquid liner, start by lightly tracing a line with a pencil, then go over it with liquid liner). Using the side or length of an eyeliner brush, apply gel liner starting near the inner corner of the eye as close to the lash line as possible. (It's best to use a freestanding mirror so you can look down into the mirror with a stretched out lid). For a more intense look, thicken the line toward the outer edge of the eye. Next, starting on the outer edge of your line, slightly extend and wing out your eye liner. For the feline-inspired look without an the retro feel, pick a gel liner in a rich, gem-colored shade instead of the typical black." Easily fix any liquid or gel liner mistakes with snap-and-go makeup remover buds.The Tools: NARS Eyeliner Stilo in black, $27, available at Sephora; M.A.C. Fluidline in Blacktrack, $15, available at M.A.C.; M.A.C. 201 Precise Eyeliner Brush, $17.50, available at M.A.C.; ModelCo Liquid Buds Eye Makeup Remover, $14, available at Beauty 360.

Monique L'Huillier Spring 2011 photo courtesy of M.A.C. L.A.M.B Spring 2011 photo courtesy of Maybelline.

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  1. oh great thanks .. i could never manage eyeliners yet thanks i'll try now

  2. so many things to remember... and that's just for the small part of the face.. nyahaha.

  3. can't leave house without's not easy to find a good one, but this certainly help!! =`)

  4. Thanks for the wonderful tips...every woman's answer to her prayers..

  5. i've never used gel-based liner before..still learning how to use liquid liner..huhu..

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  6. I too like to do my eyes, really makes a stand out.

  7. I love the first picture, the color is absolutely stunning. Gel eyeliner is indeed better than liquid liner, especially when it comes to apply it. When I first started to use liner, I had a lot of problems applying the liquid liner and I realized that gel liner was much easier to apply.


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