Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Curry leaves Valakkai Poriyal (Plantain Chips)

Green banana known as valakkai/plantain can be used for stir fried dishes, curries or the easiest is slicing thinly and fried as crunchy-crispy chips. The chips are lovely for munching or as an accompaniment for rice. To further elevate the taste. I combined shredded curry leaves with the sliced bananas and the same again - fried up.

3 (abt 400g) valakkai/plantain/raw bananas - peel the skin, slice thinly and soak in water.
1 tbsp plain chilli powder
3 sprigs curry leaves - shredded/sliced thinly
5 shallots - sliced thinly
Salt for taste
Oil for frying

Drain and gently squeeze out water from the sliced bananas.
Into a bowl, add all the ingredients (except the oil) and mix thoroughly.
Heat oil and when heated, fry in batches till crispy and crunchy.
Remove, drain over kitchen towel to remove excess oil and store in air tight containers.
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  1. In the Philippines, Cardava Bananas (saging na saba) are commonly used to make banana chips which has been my favorite snack when I was growing up. It is sweet and really crunchy! Your curry leaves plantain chips sound so interesting to me. It is such an awesome twist to the chips I've known. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Nava!

  2. your wonderful recipes will make me put on weight..love this.

  3. I brought back lots of them from Kerala.

  4. Appreciate all the comments and sharing.

  5. That banana is common in Philippines as well, we do fry them to make chips as well but it sugar coated.

  6. I can finish it within no time...... Looks crunchy!


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