Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bentoya - Japanese Restaurant (SS15, Subang Jaya)

Walking along SS15, by chance we stumbled upon this restaurant after noticing the signboard on the ground floor.  A quick decision and we agreed to lunch at Bentoya, quite run down and so basic deco. From the menu featuring ample choices, ordering was pretty straightforward because I have dined at such commercial Japanese restaurants quite a number of times. So, we called for Kakuni Ramen, Nori Miso Ramen (Japanese soupy noodles), carrot juice, green tea (free flow as usual) and edamame/ steamed Japanese beans.

Service was quite efficient as food and drinks arrived quite soon. Perhaps because there were only another two customers before 12pm. First we tackled the steamed beans by nibbling the mildly salty beans off the skin. Average in taste, my Australian lunch companion however was impressed. Admittedly, the has never tasted the beans before. The carrot juice and green tea, well, to quench the thirst.

The (Nori menu ramen) - noodles assembled with roasted pork slices, seafood and garnished with spring onion and soaked up in a vibrant broth.   
I like broth to be piping hot but this one was already cold and I had a hard time chewing the pork. Wasn't a dish I would even speak about but I still ate out of hunger. My lunch companion however loved the Kakuni ramen - chunky pork slices with white noodles and soy based broth. He polished off everything and grilled happily. Well, again, going back to the basis that in Australia, such a dish is expensive and he has not tried before.  
Honestly, Bentoya (RM32.00) will be good for those who have not explored Japanese food. For me, sorry Bentoya.

No. 73A, Jalan SS15/8A
Subang Jaya
(opposite Asia Cafe)

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  1. What a item is this, you people always posing posts that making me hungry. Nice post.

    M. Sajith (Techmaker)

  2. It's my problem but I dont like broth that is lukewarm. Biasa with broth that is hot.

  3. yes Kucing, that was a big turn off for me.


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