Sunday, April 10, 2011

Barbie Goes Psycho! Macabre Artist Plays With Killer Dolls

Gabriel Bell writes for So maybe you've seen this here or here, but there was really no chance we weren't going to bring this to you, too. Barbie, that plastic paragon of American Wonder-Bread beauty, reached the half-century mark recently, and it seems that hitting the big Five-Oh has caused a psychotic break.

In the hands of the deft, deliciously macabre photo artist Mariel Clayton, Barbie has gone on a killing spree, slaughtering boy-toy Ken, cutting up the kids, engaging in a bit of bondage, and delving into all manner of practices that would have her banned from America's toy bin for life.

On her website (where you should go right now for a full catalog of amazing art), Clayton claims, "I can't explain how my mind works, or why these ideas come to it." Surely, a decent Feminist Studies post-grad paper could be written about the hows and whys at work here—but that's not our job. Instead, sit back and take in our favorite shots of Clayton's girly gore, then hop over to her site and concoct your own theories. Just make sure your boss, or the kids, ain't watching. 

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  1. creative but a bit disturbing. kinda makes me think of a few episodes in CSI (miniature killer)

  2. looks like a serial killer on the loose to me like in that tv series: dexter

  3. not a very nice one compared to the sweet Barbie I feel about.

  4. oh freaky man! i will have nightmares after this!

  5. the artist have a very creative mind i say. a whole new meaning of thinking outside the box. maybe this is the dark side of barbie. being such a goody two shoes can be tiring ;)

  6. Looking at all the comments, it simply says we look at something from different perspective, neither right or wrong.


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