Wednesday, March 2, 2011

White Fungus & Gingko Nuts Dessert

I love the Chinese. Okay, okay, I love all you Indians and Malays as well. Don't get angry-lah. I've got a strong point why I started by saying I love the Chinese. You see, they will eat anything under the sun (Chicken Wanton Soup, Spicy Grilled Black Pompret, Cashew Nut Masala Chicken, Pepper Tamarind Prawns & Chilli Honey Chicken), but at the end of the day, they believe in yin and yang. Basically, balance! For all the sinful food gawking, they will boil this White Fungus Gingko Nuts Desserts. Nutritious, cooling, protein and fibre rich.

Anyway, what's so difficult in making this dessert? Don't ever believe your Chinese friends if they say so. Anyone, literally, anyone can make. Get the dried longans, gingko nuts, rock sugar and pandan/screwpine leaves, simmer over very low-low heat. Now, can I ask the Indians if we have an Indian version of such a healthy nutritious dessert? Not that I know of because we love our ghee, sugar, besan flour, rice flour and coconut loaded desserts, but if at all I am wrong, please prove me right by sharing on the Indian Yin and Yang at the comment box. I sincerely appreciate learning from you. Thank you and bye.

30g white fungus (soak for 1/2 hour, remove the hard piece in the center and tear into pieces)
60g dried longan (soak for 20 mins)
160g gingko nuts
40g rock sugar (more or less) 
5 screwpine/pandan leaves (knot together)
3/4 liter of water

Add water,white fungus and pandan leaves into a pot.
Simmer over very low heat for about 1/2 hour.
By now, fungus will be soft and nicely doubled up.
Put in longan, gingko nuts and rock sugar.
Continue to simmer for another 20 mins.
Remove from heat.
Can be served chilled or with ice cubes.
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  1. yes...very cooling. if got snow fungus, add in that one also very good

  2. This is lovely. You can add gingko and lotus nuts together.

  3. Nava, I'm impressed to see a non-Chinese making this dessert. Well done!

  4. the white fungus and ginko nuts have a lot of health benefits. great dessert and healthy for you too!

  5. Small Kucing & May-Lin - yep, got to agree that this is a healthy dessert and adding snow fungus will also be great.

    Shirley - being a Malaysian, we have a combination of Indian, Malay, Chinese and many more types of food.

  6. Ivynana - thanks for yr comments.

  7. Hi Nava, this is so cooling and refreshing. Good for complexion too, :)

  8. I very much like the lightly sweet desserts here... yours look so yum


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