Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shiawase Bento (Setapak)

The Setapak area is truly lacking in nice Japanese eating places so when this “fast food” place opened two months ago, I wanted to give it a try. Clearly it is a new place as their menu was temporary. They serves bentos, dons and soba/udon with a few side dishes.

Since the edamame (RM2) was cheap I ordered one. I was slightly shocked when it came cold and in a plastic casing. I understand if I was having a take away but since I was dining in, I think a little effort in presentation is needed. The peas tasted old compared to other Japanese places I've been too.
I also ordered the Tempura Soba (RM15). The soup was done in shio style which means it is clear compared to the slightly brownish one in most places. It was tasty but I could make out it uses quite a bit of MSG.
Together with the noodles, were the tempura items. It came with one prawn and an assortment of vegetables. I was pleasantly surprised to find a small Chinese mushroom and some enoki in them. I wish they didn't have green peppers though.
The green tea was also served in a plastic case which was pre-made as I could see the stock in the fridge placed near the cashier.
Overall, I wasn't too impressed with the place and would only go back if they improve the food, menu and service.

Shiawase Bento
No 20 Ground Floor
Jalan Prima Setapak 1
Setapak KL

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  1. "would only go back if they improve the food, menu and service." -- Hahahhahahaha.. XD

  2. they would have saved money and the environment if they minimize usage of plastic casing.

  3. service seems kinda bad. From the photo can see the rim of the noodle bowl have black discolouration. weird since you said its a new place

  4. Sharlot - so much for earth hour.
    Small Kucing - good point but does that say its not a new place, maybe the bowl is old.

  5. is just near to be but i really duno there are japanese restaurant there


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