Thursday, March 17, 2011

French Beans Stir-Fried With Tofu & Squids

Don't like the spicy tempeh with French beans??? Then try this dish. Also with French beans but stir fried with crushed garlic, tofu and squids. Basically another side dish for rice, made with the ingredients which were comfortably sitting in my fridge. So why waste??? Perhaps you don't have to add the same ingredients. See if you want to tweet the recipe and keep it simpler.

200g french beans - remove strings and slice diagonally as thin as possible
80g squids/sotong - cleaned and cut into rings
1 piece (90g) hard white tofu - cut into pieces
4 pips garlic - chopped
2 stalks spring onion - sliced into 1 inch length
3 tbsp oil
Salt for taste

In heated oil, fry tofu cubes until golden brown.
Remove and keep aside
In the same oil, fry garlic and squids for about 3-4 mins.
Add beans and stir in.
Pour 2 tbsp water to cook and soften the beans.
Season with salt, combine in tofu and spring onion.
Dish out.
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  1. I love french beans stir fried with eggs too! (:

  2. Yes, have this recipe too on my food and cooking label, check it out.

  3. hi nava, how are u? 3 days ago i visited your blog to comment on the lady model, failed, maxis offline always. this is a great recipe,i like french beans and tempe...a bit of chili too..will try this out. thanks for sharing.....

  4. Stir-fried French beans taste good for the tofu dish.

  5. thanks for all the support each one of you.


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