Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dae Jang Geum – Taman Desa

Hunting for affordable Korean food can be daunting. Ampang is a place teeming with Korean restaurants but they are pricey and not to mention mediocre food. When I was visiting a friend in Taman Desa, she took me to an unassuming Korean Restaurant named after the popular soap opera Jewel in the Palace.

We chose to have Ice Korean Tea which was similar to green tea but only sweeter and in brown. A look at the menu will tell you they serve regular stuff like any other Korean place only with a very affordable price. Not that we are complaining though.
We ordered a portion of pork belly and we were serve a selection of condiments. As you may notice the condiments are simple and not as extravagant as other places. But taste-wise, it was decent. The kimchi cabbage tasted fresh and had the right amount of seasoning. I also like the pickled seaweed and sweet potato.
Since we only ordered a portion of the BBQ item, they insisted of grilling it in their kitchen instead of firing up the pit in the table. It was fine by us. The pork belly came to us a little overcooked though. I would prefer it to retain some juice. What you do is to wrapped the pork with the lettuce provided with some condiments of your choice. A spicy sauce came with it too.
To fill our tummies further, we had the hot pot rice with pork. It was delicious. Somehow the stone pot manage to retain the warmth of the rice. The rice texture was also different than the usual rice and had a glutinous feel to it. More important, the sauce that flavour the rice was awesome. I wouldn't mind having it again.
We also ordered fried glass noodles. It was fragrant since it was done with sesame oil. Although towards to end, the noodles were very oily. I wasn't complaining since the noodles were oh-so delicious. I must say the portion is a little big for one. All in all, the bill came up to about RM20 per person for the three of us.
Too bad I forgot to get the address and phone number but it is about 10 doors down from another Korean restaurant called Seoul Korea.

Dae Jang Geum
Ground floor,
Shoplot in Taman Desa

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  1. i think i heard of this place before. however, since am not fond of korean food so tarak note down the exact location

  2. Wow, the food looks good! I've been craving for some Korean dishes lately, specifically Kimchi! Yayyyy!

  3. Small Kucing - I am not either but I like to try out new places.
    Kai - do try out this place if possible and let me on the taste.

  4. Well then I guess we'll just look for Seoul Korea restaurant first and search for this. :)
    Thanks for sharing your gastronomic experience.


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