Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicken With Salted Eggs

This recipe is slightly different from my previous one, stated as "Salted Eggs & Chilly Chicken". I made some changes and twist to the ingredients so that it will not taste the same. Read through to find out how this version of chicken recipe was prepared:

400g chicken - cut into bite sizes
4 salted eggs - microwaved for 3 mins, once cool down, mashed
5 shallots - sliced thinly
4 red chillies - remove seeds and sliced thinly
1 small bunch of coriander leaves - sliced thinly
enough oil for deep frying
salt to taste

Mix cornflour and a bit of salt into the chicken.  Deep fry and remove.
Leave just about 2 tbsp oil in the same wok.
Saute the onions to soften.
Add all the rest of the ingredients inside.
Stir and cook to blend all ingredient together.
Remove from heat.

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  1. another interesting dish from you, Nava!

  2. thanks Tina And cik for the lovely comments.

  3. Check out Peteformation.blogspot.com. He also have this recipe. Love the way he cook. Meal simple and easy

  4. Lots of recipes. So are you a profetional Cheff?
    Cruise Picture

  5. Wah wah never heard of chicken with salted egg. Very creative!

  6. Wow this is a new recipe for me specially the use of salted eggs. Before I only used it in Salads and Congee now I can use it for something new.

  7. thanks for sharing the recipe. it's one of my favourite dishes!~~~

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  9. This is quite a popular dish at Chines Restaurants and from here, I made with my own twist and turn.
    Sailor - just enjoy cooking and for sure makes my hubby happy.


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