Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ajisen Ramen (Singapore)

This chain of ramen restaurants has many outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. I had a chance to try it when I was in Singapore. They were promoting 'kogashi' noodles or what they call black ramen. I've never heard of it before so I opt for the Black Ramen Seafood. And for an extra SGD1 I get some Gyozas (Japanese dumplings).

After a good 10mins, the noodles came. I was kind of expecting black-coloured noodles but instead the soup was brackish. The noodles were the same.
I must say the noodles were springy and the soup was fragrant. Topped with a fair amount of garlic oil, the soup was addictive but not too different from the regular soup. The seafood wasn't much. There were two small pieces of scallop, fake crabmeat, some baby octopus, half an egg and a whole lot of beans sprouts.
The two pieces of pan-fried Gyozas made its way to my table soon. I was looking for vinegar among the condiment tray and couldn't find any. It turned out the dumplings were already doused with vinegar. The dumpling were decent but nothing to shout about. It is also rather oily.
Lastly, the green tea that came with the set was one of the most bitter I've tasted. The bill came up to SGD14.10 inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST.
Ajisen Ramen
Takashimaya Food Village
Basement 2, Unit 210
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  1. I love ramen and I may have to find this restaurant that you featured here in Singapore one f these days..:) Thanks for sharing...

  2. Never eat Japanese Dumpling before....^^,

  3. What's the black soup made of? All I can think of is squid ink.

  4. thanks everyone for your lovely comment.
    Che-Cheh - its the ingredients, don't think the ink for the soup was quite ok.

  5. I haven't tried black ramen before as well, It looks interesting

  6. wow.. 14 SD is about 462 pesos. pretty expensive alright for a ramen..

  7. Yummy yummy. I have plans to visit Singapore soon. Gonna try out this restaurant :)


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