Sunday, February 6, 2011

Restaurant Sun Sea (Overseas Union Garden, Kuala Lumpur)

Sometime a year ago a friend brought me to this packed, hot and slightly dirty coffee shop near the OUG morning market, promising me a good bowl of Penang-style pork noodles. And crawling through the place, looking for parking, the pork noodles was worth the wait and so was the Nyonya-style otak-otak.

Recently I went back there again, craving for that bowl of slurpy goodness. But be warned the proprietor isn't the friendliest person there, mostly because they are overwhelmed by orders. So order quickly and precisely. As you can see the bowl of noodles consist of freshly cooked pork innards such as intestines, stomach, liver and optional kidneys. Also in there are minced meat and slices of lean meat. You have a choice of yellow mee, koay teow and mihun. 
Taste-wise, the broth wasn't as awesome as I remembered it a year ago. Perhaps it was an extremely busy day, I guess you could say the cook had a bad day. Somehow I managed to finish everything in the bowl. Waste not, want not. Each bowl will costs at least RM4.50

Another hidden gem in the place was its otak-otak. You can order it at the pan mee stall and bring it to your own table. I think I had two and if I could stomach more, I would. Although each packet costs RM3, relatively more expensive than those you'll find in Penang, it was worth it.
As soon as you open up the package, you are greeted by a substantial piece of otak-otak, nicely wrapped with daun kadok. The daun kadok is an important ingredient as it gives it flavour and fragrance.
I dug further into the otak-otak and you'll find your RM3 worth of fresh piece of fish. The overall combination of herbs, spices and egg complements the fish nicely, giving it a spicy touch.
The disappointment of the pork noodles was instantly redeemed by the otak-otak. I also heard the pan mee was good so I might give that a try the next time I venture into that area.

Restaurant Sun Sea
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Closed on Wednesday

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  1. Looks quite appetizing to me. One reason why I love Kuala Lumpur so much is because of there food.

  2. thank you, there's plenty more food review under the label of "food venture".

  3. The Otak otak is quite interesting, just as it's name :)


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