Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nagomi Restaurant - Jaya 33

I was at Jaya 33 to get Subway's for lunch but then I changed my mind. I wanted to splurge a little so I went into Nagomi. It looks nice from the outside and from the menu placed outside, it was serving a wide range of Japanese food. The interior was dark and separate into private booths and regular seats. I found it to be a nice place to dine for two or just have a quiet meal.

After poring over the menu for at least 10 minutes, I still don't know what to eat. Seeing that I'm dining alone I didn't want to over order. I decided to go with the Unagi Yanagawa. I skipped the rice seeing that I might want to have other things. Hot Ocha (green tea) is a must.
The eel came in a big bowl with lots of egg and soup. The soup is salty similar to what you might have when ordering beef sukiyaki. I fished the egg and eel to savour since the soup was way too salty to enjoy without rice.
The eel was fresh and tender. Its flesh didn't crumble into pieces like in cheaper Japanese eateries. Well, it had to be fresh considering it costs RM32. To get rid of the salty soup taste in my mouth, I greedily ordered a portion of Spider Roll (RM30). Hot sushi rice is wrapped around a deep fried soft shell crab and sprinkled with fish roe, mayonaise and some kind of green powder. It tasted great. The rice was not packed too much and the crab was still warm.
Feeling there's space for a dessert I ordered a Macha Ice-Cream (RM6). The ice-cream came with a piece of wafer and topped with some sweet red bean. The combination resulted in a very satisfied me.
I could barely walk out of the place with my overstuffed tummy. I would return with a bigger group to savour its infamous shabu-shabu.

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant
Ground Floor Jaya 33
Tel: 03-7956 2330
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  1. DROOL!! DROOL!! It looks certainly great n i bet the taste do too! :D love Japanese Foods alwys! ;)

  2. thanks Caroline for the viewing.

  3. not really a fan of Japanese food. The Ice cream do look delicious.

  4. yep, taste varies according to individual ppl.


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