Monday, February 28, 2011

Le Passione Café – Hartamas Shopping Centre

Looking for a decent place for brunch on a Sunday can be hard. Plan B's food is great but you need to wait for so long since the place is perpetually packed to the rafters. Someone suggested Le Passion at Hartamas Shopping Centre so off we go.

Skimming through the menu, it has a wide selection of coffees but since I couldn't have caffeine, I ordered a hot chocolate. The drink was so pretty.
It came with a small piece of biscotti which tasted great when dipped into the drink. The chocolate was frothy and milk was nicely steamed. Although operated by foreigners, they know what they are doing. Not to mention the mat salleh owner was watching them like a hawk.

As for the food, a friend ordered a wrap. She mentioned it was delicious but the portion was too big for her. It also came with a slice of orange and a small salad. You can choose the meat in your wrap, I arguely remember it offered turkey bacon and beef bacon.
For me I went for something hearty. I think it was their version of a big breakfast. It came with two slices of toasted bread with sunny-side eggs on them, accompanied by mushrooms, a chicken sausage and a slice of bacon underneath. It also came with butter and jam. I found the eggs to be a little under cooked and not seasoned at all. The mushrooms were a little dry too. 
I think the drinks department they did well but need more work on the food department since it wasn't all that cheap.

K-9, Plaza Ground Floor
Hartamas Shopping Centre
50, Jalan Sri Hartamas
Tel: 03-62014376

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  1. The drink is really pretty but why didn't give a larger size of biscotti and the eggs seem oily too :s

  2. got to agree with you on the oily eggs.

  3. the drink looks pretty but the food presentation looks a bit messy

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Nava :) And oh how I want a hot chocolate right now! Can you tell I love chocolate? Hah..

  5. Wow, just looking at the wrap makes me hungry.

  6. Genevieve - same to you, sure.
    LOL! don't all food pics makes us hungry.

  7. ooouwhh,,, its a great posts.... can you update the same post..? i very like it,,,,,

  8. asd - following back
    Budi - thanks, update the same post meaning?

  9. Hot chocolate looks very inviting!

  10. I like going to plan b! Somehow I think in Bangsar you don't have to wait that long. :)


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