Sunday, January 2, 2011

Study Says People With Moles Age Slower…

A new study claims people with moles age slower!  Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford's beauty marks may have captivated a nation, but researchers now say a study proves that people with moles age slower and can look up to seven years younger than their peers. The study at hand has been featured in the Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention Journal, and was recently presented to a group of doctors and scientists at the UK's Royal Society of Medicine Conference.

While looking at sequences, researchers from London's Kings College found that people with a large amount of moles have a particular kind of DNA strand that has naturally longer telomeres. As a result, their cell division rates lasted up to seven years longer than people without moles.
"To produce a visible mole from a signal cell requires about 30 cell doublings," explains Dr. Andrews. People with shorter telomeres wouldn't be able to produce visible moles, while those with longer telomeres often have many moles. "I would go further than saying that those people with longer telomeres 'looked' up to seven years younger; I'd say that, biologically, they were up to seven years younger," adds Dr. Andrews. "Because they have longer telomeres than average people, their 'clock of aging' runs a little longer than the average."

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