Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pak Li Kopitiam - Giant Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam

Kopitiam trend has fast caught up. You will an outlet almost anywhere - in shopping malls, hypermarkets, neighbourhood streets and the list goes on. We were in the newly opened Giant Kota Kemuning on this particular Sunday, just to walk around lazily and for a meal. Among the couple of eateries, Pak Li seem the most appropriate though it was jam packed. Thankfully we secured a table before anyone else would have come over.

The menu was impressive but still the standard type of food and drinks like any other Kopitiam.

We settled for the nasi lemak with chicken rendang, curry laksa, hot barley and hot honey green tea. Within a couple of minutes, the waiter came with our orders.The laksa was rich and creamy, obviously because of coconut milk. And the scent of lemongrass in it was overwhelming but my other half didn't mind. He commented that the dipping sauce was a good match for the laksa - spicy, tangy and seasoned well. 
I enjoyed the nasi lemak paired with chicken rendang, boiled egg, cucumber, fried anchovies and peanuts, sambal and the powdery chilli. While the chicken sambal was tasty, it begged for an extra kick of spiciness. 
The drinks were a thirst quencher which we all need with our meals. 

As we walked out after the settling the bill for RM16.00, we discussed about the possibilities of returning again on another Sunday.   

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