Saturday, November 27, 2010

5 Different Ways to Wear the Ever-Popular Side Braid

It's a look that's been going strong for a little over a year now, but in just this past month or so alone, several stars have been spotted sporting the ever-popular side braid. But as the seasons have changed, so has the style. So first, find out the basics behind the structure of the style by watching our video, and then, straight up get creative with these five different interpretations of the trendy do.

Finely Fishtailed
Impress your pals by weaving your very own fishtail braid. Don't worry, though. It's actually easier to accomplish than it looks.
Bunched Up
For something with a little more refinement that's finished off with a bit of an edge, look to Kate Mara for inspiration. Start by blowing the hair out with a round brush and a shine-enhancing product, like Kiehl's Silk Groom Serum ($18). Next, braid the hair to the side, stopping about halfway. Pull on one of the strands in the braid to get the bunched up effect, secure with an elastic, and lightly pull on the braid to loosen.
Tons of Texture
For Jessica Simpson's matte texture, "rough" the hair up with a texturizing spray, like Alterna Ocean Waves ($20). Next, blow-dry the hair using your fingers to create lift and wave. Then, simply braid away. Tip: spray a comb with hair spray and lightly sweep through hair to tame frizz after braiding.

Veronica Lake-Like
For a retro-meets-modern take on a side braid, try this stunning look worn by Jennifer Hudson. First, style the hair with Veronica Lake-style waves and then braid as usual.
Cali Cool
Here, Blake Lively goes for the effortlessly chic effect. To re-create her Cali cool coiffure, braid your hair as you normally would (using three sections) but vary the thickness of each strand for a more interesting finish. Optional: wrap a piece of hair around the elastic at the end of the braid and pin to secure.
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