Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kafe Jojo Little Kitchen - Subang Jaya

This is another cafe situated at SS15, Subang Jaya which is also popular for its pan mee noodles.  My colleagues and some of students did suggest to me on trying out this cafe, in fact, they also told that the pan mee here somehow tasted better than from  Face To Face Noodle Restaurant. I was curious to find out myself thus, decided to have lunch with my colleague at Cafe Jojo.

Since it was an early lunch, we managed to find a place immediately.  With so much of variety of pan mee on the menu, I was a bit not sure on what to order. Not only noodles,  but also quite a choice of drinks and desserts too.

After much flipping of the menu, we decided to have the knife cut noodle (dried prawn soup) and hot and spicy pan mee soup.  Both of us chose the same drink of sugarcane and waterchestnut.

Generous serving of a big bowl of noodles with minced pork balls and veges floating inside with fried anchovies and spicy sambal served separately. My colleague insisted that I try the soup and surely it was full of flavours.  She did like it very much.
My order of the hot and spicy pan mee soup was for sure spicy, what more with adding the dippings/sauces available. The green chilly dipping was power enough for me.
The sugarcane and waterchestnut drink was a perfect combination to cold down the spicy and hot taste of the noodle.

By the time we were done with enough eating, the cafe was getting crowded with more customers walking in.  We decided to empty my seating place to give way to others. All in, we paid RM13.50 for this delicious lunch.

I have to agree that the food at this cafe was much more tastier than the pan mee noddles I tasted sometime back at Restaurant Face To Face. Its not difficult to locate Cafe Jojo, same row as McDonalds, just further down.

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