Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vegetarian Mutton Peratal

Those years back then, vegetarian food was basically food of vegetables. Vegetables and none. But now, its a different kinda vegetarian story. Aplenty of choices, you name it, we get it. The various types of mock meat and seafood. All of it can be found at the frozen section. Basically, I am not going to preach you on what you should eat or what you shouldn't eat. Its really up to you (Masala Mutton Curry, Prawn Devil Curry & Indian Chicken Curry). I suppose a once a while to artificial vegetable ingredients should do fine. Then again, as I have already said, its your choice. I usually opt for the vegetarian mutton made out of mushroom. Supposedly its the pure and clean like a virgin, and also free from coloring. Honestly, I really don't know, but I have fallen for it. Just recently a month back. To kick my food lust towards vegetarian mutton, I made this peratal. (Mutton Parathal). Nothing complicated, nothing expensive (Yam Basket Vegetarian & Vegetarian Mee Hoon) and one which you can made with those ingredients you stock up in your pantry. Vegetarian mutton cooked alongside fried potatoes and in a spicy coconut milk laced masala. Walla! Ya-lah!!
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