Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Must-Try Nail Trends

Forget about the boring ol’ French mani. Refinery29.com shows us the latest, coolest nail trends to try out! Time to get adventurous ladies!

A daring manicure has become just as statement-making as the of-the-moment accessory or the season's most-wanted shoe—it's a dip into the outrageous without being over the top—so we couldn't help zeroing in on New York Fashion Week's hottest spring 2011 nail trends. While nude shades held court at many of the shows, including Marc by Marc, Catherine Malandrino, and Thakoon, we spotted five eye-catching trends that really nailed it.

Vegetarian Mutton Peratal

Vegetarian food those days was basically cooked with vegetables. But its not the same anymore for there's various types of vegetarian ingredients as well. Like the mock meat, mock seafood, mock poultry etc etc. Except for the vegetarian mutton made with mushroom stalks, I don't use the rest because the mock varieties are about artificial flavouring and colouring. Sure, once a while should be okay for anything consumed in moderation will not cause harm to our health.
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