Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vegetarian Mutton Peratal

Those years back then, vegetarian food was basically made with vegetables. Obviously. But now, it is different. Plenty of choices, plenty, we now have frozen and unfrozen mock meat. Lots and lots, tell me what you want? Mock mutton? Mock chicken? Mock Pork? Etc, etc, of course for non-vegetarians, nothing like the real-deal pot of spicy killer Masala Mutton Curry. Oh-gosh, I am hungry right now, for vegetarians and people like us who are once a week vegetarian, once a while of mock meat I think is okay, but I still prefer vegetarian mutton made with mushroom stalks. Free from artificial flavouring and colouring I was told, though I am not a rocket scientist, neither I will open my big fat mouth unless I can back up with a lengthy PHD thesis. Aha! Okayyy!!!
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