Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reese Witherspoon on Aging: 'Funny Doesn't Sag'

Reese Witherspoon achieved many milestones in her 20s. She got married, had two kids, ended her marriage and still managed to find time to become America's sweetheart. Yet, she never felt comfortable in her own skin. Now that the actress is 34, she says she finally feels sexy.

"I think as a woman, you get older, you feel more confident in your sexuality. You're not as intimidated by it, not as embarrassed by it. Sexuality and femininity is an accumulation of age and wisdom and comfort in your own skin," Witherspoon reveals in the January issue of
Glamour magazine. "I feel better -- so much better now than I ever did in my twenties. I am calmer; I know who I am. And as a result, I feel much sexier."
"There's always going to be somebody younger or sexier. That's why I like to say, and it's become my famous line, 'Funny doesn't sag,'" Witherspoon says. Witherspoon had two children, Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7, with actor Ryan Phillippe before the couple split in 2007. She rebounded with cutie Jake Gyllenhaal and now seems to be settling down with a noncelebrity: Hollywood agent Jim Toth. Finally getting romantic with someone outside the spotlight has been a blessing to the "How Do You Know" star.
"What I'm finding out is that it's very comfortable to be with somebody who understands my career, but doesn't do what I do. He's a great guy. He's wonderful," Witherspoon says about Toth. If things keep going well with the agent, Witherspoon wants to expand her young family. "I would love to have more kids. Kids are the best part of my day. I don't wake up to make movies. I wake up to hang out with my family," the actress says.
To read the whole interview, grab a copy of Glamour, on newsstands now.

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