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Jogoya - Taiwanese (Starhill Gallery) Kuala Lumpur

Before commercial Japanese buffet was popular, there was Jogoya. The Taiwanese company opened more than five years ago to rave reviews and happy foodies. My first time was when it just opened, and boy getting a table was tricky. The experience kind of blew me away since my palate was still raw (no pun intended). Five years down the road, I went back recently, taking advantage of its 50% discount for ladies. Getting a table was still tricky and service has deteriorated. I guess its foreign service staff still couldn't understand a word that we are saying.

More importantly how was the food? There were droves of people at the first station; all about the raw stuff. Popular of course was the fresh oysters. There was a never ending queue for it. I must admit the oysters were succulent and juicy fresh.
Along that station there were many other raw stuff that I liked. Since most of the signs were in either Japanese or Chinese I didn't bother taking them down since I could understand neither. The salmon and raw tuna was alright but not the best cuts while I loved the creamery taste of the butter fish (I think).Another thing I liked from that station was the green vegetables. It is pickled and tasted sweet and crunchy at the same time. The cured shark's fins was nothing to shout about.  
As I recall, there were more raw stuff the last I was there and now the selection has dwindled to the regular selections. I must say I took a look at the soup and Chinese stations and didn't bother taking anything. Everything just looked blah. A friend mentioned that the shark's fin soup was horrible but commended the mango yogurt in the raw station.
If raw fish isn't your thing, you should be able to get your money back by scarfing down ice-cream and coconuts. Unlike the Movenpick ice-cream they had last time, now they have Haagen Daz and New Zealand Natural. For Haagen Daz, the flavours are crowd favourites and there is someone manning the stall while the NZ Natural is DIY. I had lots of that simply because the staff scooping the Haagen Daz ice-cream was no fun to begin with.

My tummy and I made our way slowly to the grill station. Here is where you drop your clips and have the food delivered to you once it's cooked. Since there's a group of us we took turns perusing the clips. This yummy salmon fish head was nicely grilled and served with a slice of lemon. I finished it as fast as I could without choking and realised the sea salt condiment was missing. It seemed strange since I remember having that in other Japanese restaurants.
This is also from the grill station. It were large clams grilled and topped with some kind of sweet, spicy sauce. I think the sauce is an acquired taste. I would prefer if they served the sauce separately. My companions had some grilled chicken, beef and fish. 
The smoke from the dishes ruined the pictures though. A word of caution, the waiting time can be up to 25mins, so I suggest you tour the grill station first. I did try some other things out but they were disappointing so I went back for the items I knew was good. 

I feel that the service and food quality has dropped somewhat. Also they should have a map for the place so patrons won't miss out on all the things or got lost finding the toilet. I had several people asking me where certain places are because the service staff could not comprehend.

T3 Relish floor, Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2142 1268

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