Sunday, December 26, 2010

Egg Fish Roll (Steamed)

I set my foot in the blogging world, either blindly or with eyes wide opened. And so I started with my recipes without considering photography skills; one of the most important for foodies. Lots of flip flops along the months and evidently, I didn't go a good job on the pictures for this recipe.

By right you should see the beets arranged at the back of the rolls. Well, I can't do anything much now except keep to shut my big mouth. The recipe: fish filling spread over fried egg/omelette, after which steamed, and served with steamed beets.

Fish Filling
60g/1 piece of mackerel (mash/blend - no bones)
1 stalk spring onion (sliced/shredded)
1 tsp corn flour
Salt to taste

Other Ingredients
2 eggs (lightly beaten with salt and pepper)
2 tbsp oil
Beet root slices (optional)

For fish filling
Mix all ingredients together.  

Heat oil and fry beaten eggs as one thin omelette. 
Remove and place on a flat surface.
Spread fish filling on top.
Gently roll omelet all the way through.
Steam for about 10 mins. 
(Note: poke a fork to check if fish is already cooked)
Remove and keep aside.
Steam beets with olive and salt to a texture preferred.
Serve with egg roll slices. 
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  1. looks so yummy .. idk cooking but i'll try em fo sure :)

  2. I'm sure we all have our hiccups. Looking back at my old blog photos, I'm just as embarrassed. Hahaha! I still have a lot of rooms for improvements.......

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  3. These sound really interesting, not seen anything similar before.


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