Monday, November 29, 2010

Prawn Mee

Prawn Mee, it is like this -  noodles in a broth infused with prawn heads and shells and flavoured with chillies. Yes, the heads and shells you discard are the core ingredient for the extra rich with a lot of depth tasty broth. Once the broth is made, next is just the assembling - noodles (any type though yellow noodles you should consider) with kangkung, boiled egg, blanched fresh prawns and fish ball (or fish cake).

For the broth/soup:
2 cups of prawn shells/heads
1/2 maggi anchovies cube
3 tbsp grounded/blended dried red chillies
6 tbsp oil

To assemble
Yellow mee (as needed) - blanch to soften
10 prawns (remove head, shells and vein)
2 boiled eggs (cut into 2)
1 piece of fish cake (slice)
3-4 stalks of kangkung (water spinach)

Wash shells/heads thoroughly. 
In heated oil  (2 tbsp), fry shells/heads till crispy and pink in colour. 
Pour 2 liters of water.
Simmer over very low heat for about 45 minutes to extract stock.   

Drain stock and pour back in the pot.
Simmer and season with salt.
(Note: add a small piece of anchovy stock for extra flavor but its optional)
Next, heat the balance oil  (4 tbsp)
Fry blended/grounded chillies with a pinch of salt till oil splits.
Remove and keep aside.

Add a portion into the broth.

To serve:
Blanch prawns in stock.
Do the same for kangkung (1 to 2 mins will do).
Assemble; noodles, prawns, egg, fish cake and kangkung. 
Pour soup/stock generously inside. 
Serve with the other portion of  fried chillies and calamansi lime.

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