Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Octopus Sushi & Thai - Wangsa Maju

I was in the area to do some banking and was craving for some Japanese food. Initially I thought of dropping by Cold Storage in the mall to pack a few pieces and leave. Then, I saw this place. I assumed it was a fusion of Japanese and Thai flavours so I ditched the Cold Storage idea and went in. To my disappointment it wasn't the case, each cuisine is served separately with no fusion whatsoever. Since I was there, I sat near the conveyor belt and began picking off some plates of sushi. 

The menu didn't have names for their sushis, which was strange. But the prices looked reasonable for its set up and I was informed by the staff that they are having a 50% off for lunch time. This I believe are fried prawn head topped with mayo. The prawn heads were delicious and went surprisingly well with the nori seaweed and sushi rice. I wanted to have more but knew I would be too full after finishing up the rest of the plates.
Eel is also something I like very much and this unagi had the right flavours albeit generic. The maki also had a piece of faux crab which was cold. I thought it was an interesting combo but it would be better if the unagi was hot.
Again I had to somehow guess that this is fried squid. It really looks like something you'll buy from Carrefour's pre-cook section. It tasted blah and was overcooked, hence very chewy. I felt bad to put the plate back after much looking and sniffing and taking pictures.
I was hesitant to pick any salmon related sushi and maki because its freshness looked dubious, but I did anyway. A piece of raw salmon is used to wrap the rice and was topped of with mayo and ebiko. I had to say the salmon wasn't A-grade fresh but they were generous with the ebiko. I felt the mayo was too much though.
Since the ebiko from the previous plate tasted fine, I decided to go for the full ebiko sushi. I have to say being a new shop, they are generous with ingredients as compared to dull Sushi King. This was nice and I would have another plate if I wasn't getting full.
Lastly, I had this maki. Inside you'll find a piece of soft shell crab and topped with shredded faux crab and cucumber. I wished I had this sooner and forgo the fried squid. The crab inside still had some crunch to it. 
To wash everything down I had refillable ice green tea. My bill came up to about RM18 after discount. Overall I felt this place might not last for long since the waitstaff are most foreign and had trouble understanding what the customer wants. Also, the freshness of its ingredients must be upgraded to be taken as a serious place for sushi in that area.   

Lot G50-51, Wangsa Walk Mall
Wangsa Avenue
No 9 Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1
Bandar Wangsa Maju 53300 KL

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  1. luv sushi.. never been to octopus before, i shud try next time


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