Monday, November 1, 2010

'Glee' Stars Strip for GQ

Check out what we read on StyleList about our fave Glee cast: The girls of "Glee" are letting it all hang out in a racy GQ photo shoot that would make Coach Sue have them expelled. Photographed by Terry Richardson for the cover of the November issue, a scantily clad Lea Michele and Dianna Agron create a Cory Monteith sandwich, posing seductively on either side of their co-star.

And oh yes, Monteith, who sports a striped team jersey and gray pants, also has his hand on Michele's bottom. In the accompanying interview, Agron, who plays popular cheerleader Quinn Fabray, admits that the steamy photo session might not stop Internet chatter that she and former roommate Michele are more than just friends.
"When it was just Lea and me, I was like, 'We're in skimpy clothes, we're up against each other. This is feeding those rumors,'" says Agron, who poses inside the magazine in a hiked-up plaid skirt, sheer white crop top over a red bra, and red stilettos with white socks. "I've never been shot in so little clothing."

Nor has Michele. The actress, who plays diva overachiever Rachel Berry, appears in two photos wearing a blue and white baseball tee that is ripped open to reveal a blue bra; white panties; white tube socks with blue stripes; and hot pink pumps. In one shot, she lustily licks a lollipop in a locker room; in another she plays with her hair while seated on a bench, legs akimbo.
"I don't know how they got me to do half the stuff I did," she tells GQ. "But I was in really good shape this summer, so..."
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  1. omaigad! I'm so into Glee. Not a typical musical drama and personally I think Glee is doing much better than High School Musical..

  2. Yes Aishah, many are like you,noticed this and why the love Glee.

  3. if only it can be consistent and not succumb to commercialism...

  4. whoaaaa...there goes the innocence of glee..! =p

  5. love Gleee!!! huhu esp the season 2

  6. Hi Intan, many love this program although I don't have the time to follow.


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