Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fried Lotus Root Chips

These fried chips (see also how to make Lotus Root Chicken Soup) are awesomely crispy, crunchy and addictive. Trust me, once you start munching, you can't stop. There's only 3 ingredients for this snack; lotus roots, salt and oil.  What you need to do first  is to remove the skin and slice the roots as thin as possible.
Next: fry in batches in heated oil, 
drain off excess oil, toss with salt and crushed pepper.
Store in air tight container(s).
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  1. hi nava..where can i find the lotus root? how does it look like?

    Peah Speaks #16: I dare you to love...

  2. I always like this. but we seldom fried this, only during CNY, and more on the 'nga gu' ....

  3. YOu can buy lotus root from markets or even supermarkets, its pretty easily available.


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