Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fried Crab Sticks

Just like fried lotus root chips, easily made also these fried crab sticks but time taken  - peeling the imitation/ synthetic crab sticks, slice or tear into long thin stripes and fried in batches. For the 4 packets of crabs, goodness me! a couple of hours to fry and then wiping the oil spill on the stove and kitchen floor while sweating profusely. So, this is the first and last time and next time, I rather buy.

Ingredients (for the amount you want to make)
Imitation crab sticks
Salt and pepper

Peel and tear crab sticks, either by hand or with a sharp knife. 
Fry in batches till brown, crispy and crunchy. 
Drain off excess oil and toss with salt and pepper.
Store in air tight containers.
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