Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chicken With Black Vinegar & Ginger

So, we have already gasped the easy way to making Chick kut teh, today, its this chicken soup with black vinegar and ginger. Also known as a Chinese confinement soup to keep the mothers warm, this soup generally made with pork knuckles is also served during the little one's full moon. Obviously, I must have obtained the recipe from my Chinese friends and cannot be from my Indian friends, this nutritious soup with chicken, boiled eggs, black vinegar, garlic, ginger and a tiny bit of red chillies is a safe bet during rainy weather, or you can slurp in whatever you long for it. 

3 chicken wings (cut at the joints)
2 eggs (boiled)
3 dried red chillies (broken) - optional
1 inch ginger (sliced into thin big pieces)
5 pips garlic (crushed)
1 tbsp black vinegar
1 tsp brown sugar
2 tbsp oil
Coriander leaves ( as needed)
Salt for taste

When oil is heated, fry chicken, garlic, ginger and dried chillies for a couple of minutes.
Pour 1/2 litre of water.
Season with black vinegar, sugar and salt.
Simmer over low heat until chicken is tender and soft.
Drop in boiled eggs.
Simmer for another 2 mins after which remove from heat. 
Garnish with coriander leaves before serving.
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  1. This version seems to taste better than the original one.Not so fattening and a hint of spiciness from the chilli

  2. Chciken cooked in black vinegar... Ooohhh I want to taste it right now...

  3. On my way to have a share of this bowlfull of health n taste...


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