Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Spy Gadgets Disguised as Lipstick

In the world of espionage, government secrets, and self-defense, lady agents must carry around a lot of lipstick because so many gadgets and weapons are disguised that way. Check out these five sneaky items to see what I mean; you'll never look at lipstick the same way again.

This handy dandy little Lux Lipstick Camera ($140) would be perfect for taking embarrassing pictures of your friends.

A lipstick pistol isn't the sort of thing you can buy in stores, but during the Cold War, lady KGB agents were known to carry these single-bullet shooters. This example was confiscated from an agent in Berlin and is now at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC.
USB Drive
For all your sneaky data storage  needs, a Lipstick USB Flash Drive allows you to conveniently disguise those military access codes in a place no one will ever look — your mysterious key chain lipstick.

Stun Gun
Always wanted to tase someone? Well now you can in a discreet and feminine way, of course, with the Lipstick Stun Gun ($27). I'd be pretty worried about accidentally using this thing on myself, honestly.
Pepper Spray
This Lipstick Pepper Spray ($6)  is not only inexpensive, but it comes in a wider array of colors than most actual lipstick cases do.
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