Saturday, October 16, 2010

Restaurant 88 Steamboat Buffet

Steamboat obviously is the call at this restaurant. Steamboat here is sort of luxurious. Lots of varieties of the items - seafood, meat, veggies, dessert and what not. Okay, so we were here by chance. On the way to Klang and when hunger struck, a round around the shop lots at Bukit Tinggi and ding-ding dinner time. Restaurant 88 features the all you can eat steamboat concept and you get the grill the food on the charcoal grill (RM23.80 per head) as well. So where do you begin? Book your table first because the crowd can be crowded. Sit and opt for the type of broth. We of course the Indians mah! Tom yam lah!! Then you pick the items - grab a plate and top-top all at one go greedily or take some, return back to the table and cook your food - either into the simmering broth and not in but over the grill. Next makan-makan/eat food galore with the spicy dips. After the hearty meal, help yourself to the ice-cream.


Now, when I was up again for another round of the items and took pictures as well, I think the owner came and told me "you cannot take pictures, not allowed. Tak boleh". So camera aside, pressed my own panic button, went back to join my friends to eat and picture story closed. So what should I say about this meal?? - worth the price for big eaters, tom yam broth lovely, the spicy dips of course kicked the spiciness and choices you really get. Service - susah-lah. The foreign workers either not around, pretending to be busy, standing there thinking of their families back home and would you believe it? Singing away and taking their own sweet time to serve. 

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