Friday, October 15, 2010

Sambal Udang Kering Petai/ Dry Prawns Stink Beans Sambal

I did introduce petai/stink beans to you the last time, can you recall (Benefits of Eating Petai)? I hope you can recall, otherwise maybe I should just mention that petai, scientifically known as"Parkia Speciosa", or in layman's terms as stink beans, petai is hailed by us Malaysians for its dozens and dozens of health benefits. You name it, petai has it, you name it, petai is the best remedy and you name it, petai can out-rightly overtake many other well known fresh green pods. Nevertheless, I must mention that petai does stink your mouth and petai can also stink your piss. Maybe, that's why petai is not everyone's cup of tea. For me, petai is my cup of tea, coffee, milo and water as well. I am a genuine and sincere lover of petai. In fact, I can even eat raw petai, believe me. For this Sambal Udang Kering Petai/ Dry Prawns Stink Beans Sambal recipe, obviously its petai cooked alongside two core ingredients of dried prawns and chillies. To all you petai lovers, you might as well grab and grip this always and forever loved petai dish. 
250g of petai (sliced)
200g of dried prawns (soaked and pounded roughly)
1-2 tbsp dried chilli paste (dried red chillies pounded/grounded/blended with some water)
1 medium onion (chopped/sliced)
5  garlic (chopped)
1/2 lime (squeeze out the juice)
A piece palm sugar.
3 tbsp oil
Salt for taste

Dry fry dried prawns till crunchy and light brown in colour.
Remove and keep aside. 
Heat oil and when heated, saute onion and garlic.
Then add chilli paste.
Stir and cook till oil splits.
Season with palm sugar, salt and lime juice.
Add dried prawns and petai.
Stir for a couple of minutes and dish out.

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  1. Never tasted these beans but you have made it so tempting, i'm sure they are tasty and healthy too!!!!

  2. We r from east bengal n eat dried fish n here i do dried prawns in our way... yours is temping n new way to me

  3. Looks good.... I have never tasted this beans..


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