Sunday, October 31, 2010


Looking back I can recall - I made murukku only once in my entire life. Thereafter, I realise its easier to crunch and munch compared to making these crispy and tasty snack, a must for the festival of light - Deepavali. Having failed at the first attempt, I now run to my nearest saviour, who else except amma.

Similar to all the previous years, mum ever willingly make. But she has slowed down because age has caught up. So, no more making murukku from the stretch. Rather with the instant flour conveniently available almost anywhere and everywhere. Still some people vouch nothing like making murukku taking you all over the place the conventional or traditional step by step method - washing, drying and milling the grains, For us, we are forever grateful with mum's murukku because of the extra ingredient - "love", lots and lots and generously poured by mummy dearest.
3 packets of ready-made murukku flour (500g each)
25g butter
3 cups thick coconut milk
1 cup plain water (one cup)
2 tbsp cumin seeds
5 tbsp roasted sesame seeds
3 tbsp omam (ajwain) seeds
Salt to taste
Oil for frying
Tamarind/assam(one small ball - to prevent the murukkus from becoming too oily)

Heat  butter in pan to melt.
Pour coconut milk and water. Lightly heat up (no need to boil).
In a mixing bowl, add  flour, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, omam seeds and salt.
Pour the prepared butter and milk liquid, mix and knead for a thick dough.
(Note: add more water if needed).
Keep aside the dough.

Heat enough oil and put in the tamarind ball.
Use the murukku mould, load with a little of the dough and press in a circular mode.

Fry the murukkus in batches until light golden brown.
Drain excess oil before storing in a air-tight container.
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  1. Wow seems very nice.... anyway, deepavali valtakar!! (heard from radio, sorry for spelling haha)


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