Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Canton Kitchen (Rampai Business Park)

Looking for lunch alone before going to work can be dreary. So I tried my luck at this place. I've been here before when they first open but at that time they didn't even have a menu. They sell mostly Cantonese-style dishes and some Guangxi-style ones too. After looking through their new extensive menu, it is hard to decide what to eat. Since I was alone, I opted for a single-serving Claypot Prawn With Glass Noodles and Chinese Wine. I wanted to have other dishes but according to the waiter I won't be able to finish by myself.

After about a good 15 minutes, my claypot came. It was quite big. I think it will be able to feed two girls. It smelt great and I could see a generous sprinkling of vegetables and noodles. Since glass noodles absorb liquid fast, I quickly dug in.
It has a rather large river prawn split into two and the sweet pink roe from the head was floating in the pot. A good sign that it is fresh. I found the soup to be overpowering. The cook must have used too much pepper. I would prefer it to have a more gingery taste. Another feeling I got was the vegetables used did not quite compliment the seafood. Perhaps next time I should go with some friends to try their self-planted vegetables and other items on the menu.

Since the soup was too peppery I ordered a Ginseng Tea to cool down.
I like the drink very much as it was refreshing and had a strong Ginseng taste to it. The drink costed RM1.80 while the claypot noodles were priced at RM15.

Canton Kitchen
12, Jalan Rampai Niaga 4,
Rampai Business Park
53300 Setapak KL
Tel: 03-41498802
Opening hours: 11am-10pm

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  2. Looks good but rather pricey eh?



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