Monday, September 27, 2010

Restaurant Devil's Crab - Taipan, Subang Jaya

Devil's crab is another eatery which has been around in Taipan for as long as I can remember, known for its halal seafood and crab dishes. We have been here a couple of times and we still do come back every now and then, normally for a dinner meal on Sundays. Because of that, when we returned again, we knew what to order though looking through the menu is still a norm.

There are a few signature dishes which we keep ordering over and over and that were Lala/Clam Soup, Beansprout with Salted Fish, Cold Fish With Soy Sauce and Nyonya Crab and of course, a pot of Jasmine Tea.  
Service is pretty much efficient because the waiting time for dishes is within a short span. And when all came simultaneously, we pinched into each and eat with rice. The taugeh/bean sprouts stir fried with salted fish was an appealing dish, especially for someone like me who love anything salty.
I dare say that the cod fish with soy sauce was good. The fried fish over the soy sauce started off crispy on top then finishes off with soft and fresh meat and the salty sauce definitely complemented it. However, you just need tad bit of the sauce, otherwise the saltiness over drowns the fried fish.
I was slightly disappointed with the lala steamed with bird eye chillies and curry leaves and topped with spring onion slices. No doubt we praised the spicy-aromatic watery sauce but the rubbery texture of the lala meat ditched out the praises. 
Nonetheless, the Nyonya crab reserved as the final call out shined the rest of the dishes - spicy as we like and the crabs were absolutely fresh, as though they swam their way from the sea and straight to the restaurant. I practically licked up every bit of the gravy while my other half feasted on the crabs.
I am not wrong in saying that  RM114.50 was pretty reasonable for the meal we had at this restaurant.
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  1. You should try the Crunchy Kailan!!! It's thinly shredded Kailan and then Deep Fried.

  2. We went there yesterday 5 of us, the food was so,so and it was pretty expensive, service was quite good. The atmosphere was so tense, as two tables had heated arguments with the boss of the shop, as they spoke in chinese, we could not understand what the commotion was about, plates were flying, lot of yelling and banging of the tables were done. We decided not to go back there again, it really spoilt our night.

  3. Thank you for your comments and what took place while you were at this eatery. I will still go back here bc I find that the food is good and we were very pleased with the service.


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