Monday, August 23, 2010

Soft Rolls

Out of the blues, I wanted to bake soft rolls. Thereafter, it was a "merry go around everywhere" before my good-hearted chef friend shared his recipe. Even so, I was apprehensive; many questions on my mind, mainly the fear of what if the rolls are rolled out as hard as my head??? Well, I guess sometimes its the unnecessary fear which we worry about for no apparent reason. While I still doubted myself, I went ahead with making the rolls precisely as explained and with bags of confidence generously handed over by my other half,  the rolls were truly soft.  I tasted one and the rest; to all my friends who stared at me because they couldn't believe I actually made an effort to bake soft, yea, soft rolls.

250g bread/hard flour
25g sugar
10g yeast
A pinch of salt
30g melted butter
100g milk
1 egg

Soften yeast with a bit of water.
Combine it with remaining ingredients in the mixing bowl to get a smooth dough.
Allow to rest covered until double.  Punch down and cut of 30g pieces.
Roll into rounds.
Allow to double before applying egg wash. 
Bake at 180C until golden brown.
(Note: you can also brush with melted butter after baking the rolls)
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  1. That's my hand rolling into a round shape~!!!

  2. Thats really nice, liked how you showed it!

    Happy Wednesday!


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