Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ikan Pari/Stingray Sambal/gravy

Helloo all you amazing people,
Okay, I know. You guessed it right. Are you going like - oh-no, she is gonna talk hell a lot about fish again for another of this fish recipe (Dory Fish Sambal, fried fish in cili padi sauce and fried fish in soy sauce)? No people. No, I am not gonna repeat anything again. But I have something very interesting to tell you. None other except about this ikan pari/stingray sambal. No ordinary one, its a grilled version and it is definitely power ranger in tastes. Also, imagine grilled over banana leaves? Awesome right? Yippie-yeah!!

This ikan pari sambal is full of flavours. The Malaysian flavours we definitely will jump up as high up for, sambal made with lengkuas, serai, fresh turmeric and chillies, oh-gosh, are you salivating already?  Hold on, hold on to your horses, stingray/pari is grilled in this sambal and over banana leaves,  it's a super good, super awesome and super-duper fabulous Ikan Pari/Stingray Sambal/Gravy. What are you waiting for? Dive in please.

To be blend/ground (sambal paste)
1/2 inch ginger
5 garlic
1 medium size onion
1/2 inch fresh turmeric/kunyit
1/2 inch galangal/lengkuas
1 lemongrass/serai
1 tomato
5 dried red chillies
1 tbsp lime/lemon juice
Salt to taste

Other ingredients:
2  medium size ikan pari
Banana leaf (as needed)
Just that bit of oil

In a non-stick pan, place banana leaves, drizzle oil, add sambal paste and place the fish over.  

Place another piece of banana leaf atop , gently press over fish and cover with lid.
Cook over low heat for about 15-20 minutes
Then turn to cook the other side.
(Note; in between check if fish is thoroughly cooked)

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