Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6%DokiDoki celebrates its 15th anniversary!

I would have never guessed that Harajuku girls are still doing their thing. Years ago when they made a mark in the fashion world, I thought the trend would die off after sometime (as would any other trend, right?!). With their strong hold on kawaii - a Japanese slang which simply translates to "sensational lovely", Japanese fashion brand 6%DokiDoki is ready to spread the kawaii love—worldwide.

To commemorate fifteen years of kawaii fashion, 6%DokiDoki will hold fabulous fashion shows in five cities in four countries on three continents—which includes Harajuku, London, Paris, L.A, and San Francisco. With the Harajuku Kawaii Experience World Tour 2010 the brand will also get to share their style and identity with fans all across the globe.

Brand designer Sebastian Masuda will show off his sensational designs with local girls in each city modelling the creations. The theme of the tour is “Communication” and there will be talks to discuss the Harajuku Kawaii culture. You can also get your hands on limited edition, memorial, and collaboration items will be on sale at the events.

We hope you’re ready for a whole load of colourful fun and OTT fashions! I would never step out of the house decked out like this, but hey this is what makes fashion fun, interesting and different right?! Sometimes it nice to feast your eyes on colourful happy pictures like these and then thanking God at the back of your mind that you’d never ever dress like that—EVER.

Picture credits to: tokyofashion.
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