Monday, July 19, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake

I used to bake basic cakes for tea time when I was in my teens. I actually didn't mind baking during weekends and school holidays. More to that, I was practically forced to learn to cook and bake by mum. She drilled in my head that its important. Otherwise no man will marry me and my future in-laws will look down on her if I can't cook. Anyway that was then and this is now.

After getting married, I cook simple daily meals but stopped baking for whatever reason it was. Then I took up a baking course. And this shortcake was one of it I learned.  Quite time consuming for the first thing is to bake the cake, also known as  " Classic Genoise" or "Classic Sponge". Thereafter cut it into three layers, spread the cream and the rest as per the recipe. 

3 eggs
80g sugar
20g melted butter
80g cake flour
20g corn flour

Butter a cake pan and set aside.
Create a double boiler (done by placing on a pot of boiling water with the heat on).
Whisk the eggs and sugar until slightly warm and foamy.
Remove from heat and whisk to the "ribbon stage", meaning that mixture forms a slow disappearing ribbon on the surface of the mixture.
When some of it is lifted with a utensil , it falls back into the bowl.
Sift the flour over the batter and carefully fold in. 
Also stream the warm melted butter in at this point and again fold in.
Be careful not to over fold as this will deflate the batter. 
Gently tip the batter into a buttered pan.
Bake at 180C at 15-20 mins or until cooked.
When the cake cools down, remove from mould and keep aside.
For assembling & finishing:

100g strawberries(cut into slices and keep some for deco)
Sugar syrup (as needed)
300g whipping cream (more or less - depending how much you like)
25g roasted almonds
Grand Marnier (liquor) - optional

Whip cream (if you like add a little sugar)  to firm peak and set aside.
Cut the sponge into 3 layers and place on a holder. (I am using the back of the baking pan).
Brush lower sponge with sugar syrup (mixed with grand marnier) and layer with whipped cream. Sprinkle pieces of strawberries over.
Similarly do the same after placing the second layer.
Place the third sponge over and mask entire cake with whipping cream. 
Garnish the sides with roasted almonds.
Decorate the top as desired and refrigerate. 
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  1. eheh its me u have the steps for black forest cake? I forgotten the steps..hehehe

  2. Oh... i so want a bite right now!!! Super tempting

  3. Wow!! This strawberry shortcake looks amazing dear.. I just can't stop staring at it..Very tempting..


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