Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modern Tribal Tattoos By Tomas Tomas

After my previous article on Finger Piercing, this time its on another form of body art, the "TATTOO".  Tattooing is becoming so common and acceptable today, not only among the males but females too.   Designs and patterns of tattoos really varies, the choice certainly according to ones likings and preferences.  For those who are not bold enough, tattoos designs are just basic, simply a small flower and pattern placed in hidden areas of their body, especially for office workers and professionals. However, others in creative and "open-culture" industries, nothing much to worry on their tattoos being seen and how elaborated it can be.

The modern tribal tattoos by Tomas Tomas are surely  for those who are daring and bold enough that flaunting these designs should not be an issue. Take a look at the some of the tribal designs:

Nope, I am not certainly not into tattoos, I don't think I can do through the process for the fear of pain and it will not be appropriate for the profession I am in.  However, for those who are intending or planning to add on more tattoos, certainly these designs can give some ideas on the types of patterns or designs you would like to have on your body.   

Image credits:
cakeheadlovesevil, trendhunter.

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  1. i don't think this is anything tribal.. it looks more like a mosaic pattern to me..


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