Friday, July 16, 2010

Female Models In Their 70s - Seductive Poses

I didn't have anything in particular to post today. Instead of trying to "force post" my own entries, I simply goggled and out of no where, these pictures of women in their 70s striking a pose and photographed by the famous Dutch photographer "Erwin Olaf" indeed captivated my attention. Now, before you jump the gun and shoot me down, let me say that I am not provoking any of you. But merely admiring the ladies for being daring and "bold and beautiful" in their own original skin. I for once wouldn't dare to strip even if I am paid millions. 

Nevertheless, I take off my hat to them for they accept how they look, they accept that ageing is something they can't stop and they are comfortable and proud of themselves. Don't believe me? Think about it as you stroll down to the last pictures and perhaps you find the true message subliminally hidden.   

Image Credits: erwinaloof & trendhunter.

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  1. wow..first time see such photos..interesting..young girls will ponder o the future..well everyone will gets old..and i wonder whether they have man version..haha

  2. I have to say I was looking at your post for today and saw the Linkwithin box below with these ladies. I had to take a look. Amazing and you're right - BRAVO for these women. I'm not sure I could do that now or at 70.


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