Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Female Denim Jeans - Certainly Great To Have One

Denim Jeans - my favourite and I don't only have one pair but a couple of them. Since casual smart dressing is allowed in my profession, I pair my jeans with stylish blouses or shirts and to complete it, either a long chain with a chunky pendant, a big ring or earring.  Before deciding to buy or get one,  check out the denim jeans trends which may give you ideas on the style that will look best on you: 

Boyfriend Jeans:
Wondering where the name originated from?  The idea behind these jeans  is that girls usually like to borrow their boyfriends’ jeans, because of their comfortable look and now we have it made for women.  Slouchy worn jeans, casual and matches with almost anything. Feel free is you want to adjust and alter the length.

Rickie Boyfriend Jeans With Crystals.

Its called Jeggings, half jeans and half leggings, the material is stretchable and normally it has an indigo effect.

Verdugo Jeggings.

Black Denim Leggings/Jeggings
Skinny Jeans
Its also known as slim-fit jeans, stretchy, tapered (ankle-hugging) jeans.  This jeans almost goes with anything and everything, so its worth investing in one.

AG Adriano Goldschmied Super Skinny Jeans.

Ripped Jeans
The pair of jeans which are wild and appear to be destroyed.  Unless you know for sure how to give your jeans the "ripped" look, get one of this "Pre-Ripped Denim" or "Tear-n-Repair" jeans from the outlets.   Certainly give you the rugged and stylish look.
Coloured Jeans
Pick your choice of the colours, either the darker shades or more mild toned colours.  If you are a Jean's person, having two or three different colours will be great to match with your other coloured tops to go with it.
Credits:  MillionLooks

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