Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teddy Girls for Oyster Mag by Liz Ham

This unique editorial caught my eye as I was browsing online – the Teddy Girls editorial spread in Oyster Mag that was shot by Liz Ham and photographed by Jolyon Mason. So embarrassingly enough, I have to admit that I’ve never heard of the term ‘Teddy Girl’ before; but the minute I googled it, it all click at once.

Way back in the early 1950’s (and yes, that was way before I was born too!), England happened to have the first group of teenagers who wanted to be differentiated from adults and children. And so, just to rebel against society and to make a fashion statement, they donned clothes inspired by the styles of the Edwardian period – from jackets, shirts and pants. And where did Teddy Girls come from? Oh well, she’s of course the girl who accompanies the Teddy Boy, like DUH!

As for this stylishly artistic shoot, I realised that it really did evoke memories of the Teddy-era, for those who are old enough to remember of course. And for those (like me) who never heard of the term, I think you’d learn to discover and reminisce the 1950’s fashions!

Picture credits to: Trendland

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