Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sodhi (coconut milk stew)

Are you asking me what is sodhi? Of course, it is always forever my pleasure to answer any of your food queries, including as said, what is sodhi. Sodhi is basically a runny coconut stew. Yes, the core ingredient is definitely coconut milk which we should use without worrying too much about it's cholesterol. Remember, I have already spoken about it in my previous recipe of Home Made Curry Mee? But, the but I can't avoid using, I definitely won't encourage you  to generously drench coconut milk for every other dish. Remember again people, everything is about moderation, unless of course you diligently sweat it out, meaning, exercise every day. Otherwise, even though it is about good cholesterol in coconut milk, lets not get carried away. No, we shouldn't, in fact we shouldn't get carried away on anything in life, including forcing ourselves to run millions of miles in the name of keeping fit.

This coconut stew is just a basic one. Basic plain vegetarian runny stew, but I've added a good handful of Chinese cabbage so that you don't have to cook another side vegetable dish. Pair this sodhi with putu mayam or rice alongside fried fish, but let me tell you that petai cooked with ikan bilis/anchovies, eggs and of course chillies, aiyoyoyo appa! Super finger mashing and super finger licking lah!!

1/2 litre fresh coconut milk
1 medium size tomato (slice thinly)
1 medium size onion (slice)
3 green chillies (slit into 2 and cut into pieces)
1 teaspoons of fenugreek
1 teaspoons of turmeric/kunyit powder (kunyit)
Lime/lemon juice - as needed
1/2 Chinese cabbage (cut into big pieces)
Salt to taste

Add all ingredients except cabbage and lime juice in a pot.
Simmer over low heat until just heated through..
Add cabbage and lime juice. 
Stir and remove from heat. 
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  1. I love this dish and my mom usually makes it with string hoppers!!

  2. Wow, sounds like a coconut version of kadhi :) Nice :)

  3. That sounds very tempting... with a bowl of rice yum


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