Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vajazzle Bedazzle!

Want to know what the newest trend of hair removal for va-jay-jay’s? No it’s not Brazilian waxing. Sure, it might have been around for years, but the truth is, I’ve not dared to ever try to out the Brazilian – simply because of its pain factor *major OUCH*. Even if I’m given a free trial, I would rather stick to plain ol’ shaving (such a coward? Yes, I know!).

Any-how, Vajazzling has now become just as popular as Brazilian waxing – thanks to Jennifer Love-Hewitt's ‘tell it all’ on The Lopez Show back in January! Yes, it is indeed the Ghost Whisperer star who started the spark of the Vajazzling trend. While on the show to promote her new relationship advice book "The Day I Shot Cupid", she mentioned "After I broke up with my ¬boyfriend a friend Swarovski-crystalled my ¬precious lady and it shined like a disco ball. Women should Vajazzle their va-jay-jays!" Uh-huh, believe it or not, that was all it took to start this trend!
Now, what exactly is vajazzling you might ask? Simply put, vajazzle is what you’d get when you cross a Bedazzler with a Brazilian wax. Ha ha! But seriously, Vajazzling is sparkly, 2-part process. You will first need to get ‘bare down there’ – by either Brazilian waxing or laser hair removal reduction. Then comes the fun factor: having an adhesive Swarovski crystal design applied on your lady parts. Do just that and you get to shimmer and shine like a star!
Okay, so Jennifer Love Hewitt might have started the Vajazzling trend early in the year, but Completely Bare Spa has actually been offering this dazzling “Completely Bare With A Flair” treatment for about 12 years now.

Forget about bedazzling your clothes, go ahead and bedazzle your va-jay-jay – your precious lady will shine like a disco ball!
Would you ever Vajazzle?

Credits to:
The Luxury Spot
Spa Week Blog

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