Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lizzie Miller Flaunts Her Wobbly Tummy - Why Air Brush?

Model Lizzie Millier showed everyone out there that having a bit of hanging or wobbly tummy is normal – although quite a number of women try very hard to hide it. Sure, you can put on your corset and try to wear clothes to hide that tummy, but the actual truth is we need to face it when we take off our clothes. Until this very moment, I will admit how hard I try to exercise just so that I can reduce all that tummy fat of mine. However, after having seen how comfortable Lizzie Miller is able to pose and flaunt what she’s got has kind of made me realize that not all parts of our body can be perfect. Like seriously.

I suppose it’s more of being happy with yourself, loving yourself and your body although you may not be having the “best” (best here can be very subjective, might I add) shape and size. I really give her all my credits for her willingness to share and flaunt her imperfections. Usually having seen almost perfect models in most pictures and magazines, this is something that uplifted my mood for the day.

I don't know whether you will agree with me but that bit of the pouching tummy actually looks very sexy. This is certainly an eye-opener to women like me!

Would you ever dare to bare your imperfections?

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